Complete noobs guide to website and domains

We all know what is a Website and how to open it i guess!

Now we must have also heard that people are earning from Website, Blogs etc. and a thought arise in our minds also that why not we also start a Website and start earning through Internet. Now main problem comes here as from now you will enter into vast world of web hosting and domains. Never heard of these terms before?…No problem we will here explain each and every fact you need to start your own Website or Blog.

In first page i will explain some points about domain names and extension and their effect on search engine optimization.


Domain is the first step to start a Website or Blog. Domain or in common tongue web address or URL is basically consist of three parts which you must have also seen during surfing the Internet www.domainname.extension. It starts with a WWW than comes the name of your domain or your sites name and then comes the extension like .com (Most popular), .net etc. It is not necessary to always type WWW with a domain in order to reach the Website successfully. You can also type just domainname.extension in Browsers address bar and it will work perfectly.

Whenever you start a Website you need to decide a domain name for it. Domain name should always be chosen in such a way that it should reflect the type of content you are going to add in that particular Website. In case you are going to start a Web Business than that domain can be of  brandable type also. Now another main question is WHAT EXTENSION? Now you got a lot of choices to choose from. There two types of extensions one is gTLD and other ccTLD. gTLD includes .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc and ccTLD are basically domain extensions for countries like .in for India, .us for USA. Most popular domain extension is .COM but in case you want to target only local population than ccTLD will be a good choice. Many a times the domain name extension you want for your Website is already booked than you have to settle for some other extension or choose a different domain name. Choosing a different domain extension is actually a difficult job in practical sense. Here come the use of some popular domain tricks.

Suppose in case you but it is already registered than you can try You can also randomly add some letter as prefix or suffix to the domain like etc.

Length of domain is also great factor to be considered while purchasing domain name. User always prefer to go to short URL Website for content they are looking for than to a long URL. Hen you will loss a great chunk of traffic to other short URL Website.

Next page will explain the use of very short domain and what is the procedure to register a particular domain.

CCC.extension type domains

CCC.extension type domains

Three character domains always draw attention from end users because they are really rare to find. Among these also only types LLL.COM and LLL.NET are extremely rare and popular. So it is quite difficult to register one of them these days or you can buy them for 10,000$ at SEDO!

But main question will be that whether these domains add anything to your SEO. Answer is NO. If you are purchasing them for business purposes that they can be brand able and easy to use but don’t provide any special benefit  to SEO. For SEO you should focus on so called keyword rich domains. Please note that although it is is a good practice to register a key word rich domain but don’t make it too long that end might not remember after some time. Short keyword domains are excellent for search engine optimization.

Domain registrars:

Ok now i think you must have got enough information about domains now main question is where to register them. Of course we all want to register domains for lowest prices possible but we also need to take into account other factors such as support  and control panel complexity.

We have prepared a list of leading domain registrars here:

  4. are cheap but control panel is highly complex)
  5. of free goodies including free privacy protection)

Privacy Protection On Domains:

These privacy protection for domains is extremely important in case domain is used by an individual. Whenever you register a domain your private information should be made visible to public as per ICANN.. But these a service named whois privacy protection is being given by Many registrars. Some charge heavily for this mere service and for some it free like Remember not all domain extensions support privacy protection.

What’s Next:

Now after purchasing your first domain you can either sell it,park it or develop it. Let us go into some depth about this topic

  • By selling i mean you can sell your acquired domain for some higher price to some proper end user. Your best bet will to list it on sedo’s website.
  • By parking i mean that you can lend your domain to some parking company like SEDO and they will give you some share of revenue(if any) from that parked page.
  • By developing i mean that you must have purchased this domain for some particular idea of yours which can be harnessed to earn money from it. But for developing you need a host to host your web content. Now there are many different host around the entire web but you must choose the most perfect one so that in future you don’t have any problems with their costumer support especially.


After purchasing domain you need a host to run your own website.Now this is the most difficult option in the entire process of starting a website because there are lot of options available in the market.First you have to decide what type of scipt you want to run on your website i.e. whether the script is wrotten in .NET or PHP.Depending on this fact there are two types of hosts:

  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux Hosting

Windows Hosting

If your script or pages are written in .NET programming language than you will require Windows Hosting option.Some of the windows hosts available in the amrket are listed below:-

  1. 1and1 hosting solution
  2. Hosteater Inc. (Subsidiary of iBay Hosting Inc.)

Now above two hosts offer shared windows hosting solution but you can also purchase your own server.For purchasing your own my most recommended option will be Single Hop and Soft Layer.Both of these comapnies are estasihed dedicated server provider and have good customer support.

Linux Hosting

If your script or pages are written in PHP thanyou will require a Linux hosting solution.Some of the best Linux Hosts available in the market are listed below:-

  • (Recommended but too costly)

Again you can purchase dedicated server from Single Hop or Soft Layer with Linux as the operating system.

When to purchase Dedicated Server, VPS server or Cloud Hosting?

First of all Dedicated options are not at all affordable. They tend to cost much more than your shared hosting.First of all you should know the difference between dedicated and vps server.

A VPS server can be consider as a sub part of dedicated server like shared hosting but having more resources. In case shared hosting you are sharing a server with lot of user like 500 or may be 1000 depending on the provider. In case of VPS you are sharing a particular server with very few users.

A dedicated server will have only one user.You will have complete control on every part of the server.

Now the question is when to move your website to a dedicated server or VPS?

This can be answered easily be in terms of  traffic and revenue you are earning from your website. If you are earning a good amount than you can easily afford a VPS solution. but you should also note that you will need VPS only when you are receiving quite a large amount of traffic or in case you are using database intensive application like Vbullietin. Same thing applies for dedicated server also.

Usual prices of low end VPS starts from 25$ per month and for dedicated server prices starts from 99$ per month.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting is a new technology which can easily handle large spikes of traffic and truly gives 100% uptime. Prices in this type of hosting depends upon the amount of resources you are using like Disk Space, bandwidth, CPU etc.  This is based on the concept of ‘Pay only What you use‘. As far as the provider are concerned, Amazon Inc. is considered to best cloud hosting provider. You can check out their prices and more info on their website.

Now i think i had discussed most of the basic things regarding hosting a website.

Buying and Selling Domains

OK now you can do three things with your domains:

  1. First develop it and then flip it at some of the popular forums or auction site such as flippa.
  2. Directly sell to some other domainer or End User.
  3. Develop it and earn revenue from advertisements.

Basically i am going to discuss the second option in detail.

******** to be continued ********