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    According to a recent article published in Financial Express, Broadband connections with a speed of up to 1 Gbps will be possible in coming months as according to a telecom company Radius Infratel. According to Radius Infratel, initially this new high speed broadband will be available to both residential and business consumers of 9 Indian cities.

    By taking the example of downloading a normal HD movies, Radius Infratel CEO Rajnish Wahi said that with the help of this 1 Gbps connection one can download the same movie in 30 seconds instead of 6-8 hours on a mediocre 512 Kbps connection. There is no info on the fact that which companies will provide bandwidth to Radius Infratel for this new project.

    Different high speed plans from various ISP are listed below:
    At 5200 rupees per month Airtel offer their 100 Mbps FTTH plan with a FUP of 175 GB and speed of 512 Kbps afterwards. This plan is available only in Metros

    As you can see from the above info that 100 Mbps plan in general costs you around Rs. 5,000 from different ISPs then one can wonder what will be the cost of this much hyped 1 Gbps plan.

    List of the 9 cities which will witness this 1 Gbps broad plan in coming months:


    So much time has passed and i am not able to see this company at all today. 1Gbps my foot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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