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    Through this article i want to share my experience with all of you. I have recently purchased a 22 inch monitor from Samsung in order to replace my age old LG 1515S. I was really enthusiastic about the the new screen and its full HD capabilities.

    Truly speaking the screen is simply mind blowing and colors really look more vivid as compared to an ordinary LCD screen.

    But the main problem which i am presently facing is that at native resolution of 1080P, browsing Internet on a 22 inch screen is definitely a very challenging task because of the fact that the size of text becomes very small and hence difficult to be read. Possible solution is to increase the default size of the text from the browser but that will break the design of most of the websites out there. Increasing the DPI value from “Appearance” panel made no effect on the size of character in web pages. It only effects the size of the text in windows applications..

    So if you really want to do web browsing then please avoid big screens and go for a 15.6 inch panel or 17″ inch panel with HD resolution.

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