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    Corrupt Broadband

    I was recently watching a video on YouTube showing the speed the 4G network in UK. Here is the link to the video.

    After watching this video i realized that our country is ages behind the other countries as far as broadband speed and reliability is concerned. Some of you may start saying that the speed in the video are related to a 4G network which are usually faster but keep in mind that the average wired broadband speed in UK is also one the highest. I am not just taking the example of UK. You can take any other country for comparison.

    In India we are still considering meager 256 Kbps as the broadband speed. At such a low speed it is even difficult to browse through the web without hiccups in your connection. Please forget video streaming in this connection at all. You will face the problem of buffering so often that you will ultimately break your computer in anger!

    Now some of our telecom start offering 512 Kbps connection at a quite high price
    (I will not say 750 a low price as compared to International standards). Even at this speed you will not enjoy the true experience of smooth and fast browsing and without buffering videos on YouTube.

    Other problem with Indian broadband is its reliability. For me Ping is sky high most of the time, even when tested on a server 5 km from residence. This directly shows poor routing by our experts at BSNL and other companies. Many BSNL employees don’t even know the meaning of ping then how will they solve your problem.

    Next problem in the ever growing list is the stupid FUP imposed by various ISP. I so admit this feature is being practiced in other countries also but they have decent FUP limits where users get what they pay for but here in India most of the ISP want to extract maximum money from poor customers to make huge profits. For example i am using Combo ULD 900 plan from BSNL which offers speed of 4 Mbps only till 8 GB which i think is quite low as per international standards. I also want to add here that post FUP speed in other countries is not mere 256 or 512 Kbps. It will still remain 2 + Mbps.

    So in one line Broadband in India still need a major overhaul.

    Corrupt Broadband

    India’s most corrup broadband companies:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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