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    Reliance sucks

    There are only few ISP in India with full country wide availability. These includes BSNL, Reliance, Tata and Airtel.

    I am currently using both Reliance and BSNL broadband. I have applied for them on the same date. But to my surprise BSNL broadband was installed atleast 4 days ahead of the the Reliance broadband install.

    I have opted for Reliance 999 plan and BSNL’s 900 combo plan. They both work perfectly after installation as far as download speed is concerned. But if we take PING into account, then BSNL’s vast Indian network thrashed Reliance to the core. Even on European network, BSNL is the clear PING winner.

    Now the ultimate thing which i want to share with all of you is that Reliance stops working after 1 week and BSNL is running perfectly. And the response from the Reliance CC team is very bad.

    Rajiv Gupta

    i will say “Back to BSNL means Back to Business”.

    I really don’t know the reason why Reliance being one of the largest bandwidth supplier in India falters at providing quality broadband to its end users. Plans are lucrative but if you go with them practically then you will know the real truth that something is seriously wrong with this giant.


    Hmm.. so both of you are saying that Reliance got no power at all!.
    Well i guess you both are wrong here. Reliance simply does not want to focus on residential consumers. Instead they are focusing on enterprise level consumers only. By enterprise i mean Small and Mid scale businesses in India.


    Reliance is definitely one of the biggest ISP of India but it is lagging behind others in terms of quality, reliability, and availability. They should focus on these areas and try to improve these so as to gain more market share.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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