EIG acquires Hostgator for 225 million dollar

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    It may be a late news but i would really like to share this piece of information with my fellow webmasters.

    As per the reports floating around the web world World’s largest web hosting company EIG (Endurance International Group) acquires one of the world’s most popular web hosting company Hostgator in a deal tuned to 225 million dollar. Hostgator hosts websites of more than 400,000 customers and have 12000 servers under its control.

    In a secret E-Mail to his employees, Hostgator’s outgoing CEO Brent Oxley explains the details of this acquisition. In this mail he has also mentioned reasons for which he was selling his successful company.

    EIG also owns other popular web hosting companies such as JustHost, FatCow and BlueHost. This news of acquisition was like a shock to all the loyal customers of Hostgator as EIG is not a very respectable company as per an end user. So for this particular reason most of these loyal customers are afraid of the fact that the quality of service of Hostgator will come down after this acquisition.



    This is definitely a very bad news for all loyal hostgator customers. EIG is popular for money oriented business and hardly focus on customer satisfaction. For eg. one of their company dollar2host is popular for their poor service. Not only dollar2host, other EIG companies like Justhost and Bluehost are known for their poor service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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