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    India based mobile manufacturing company Micromax has recently launched the all new range of LED TV here in New Delhi. The starting price of these new LED TV from Micromax is Rs. 15,990 and will be available at dealer outlets in various parts of country. Price can go as high as Rs. 1.2 lakh. Not only LED TV, Micromax also forayed into other consumer electronics such as Home Theater systems, 3D Blu Ray player and Android based computer dongles.

    According to Micromax MD Rajesh Aggarwa, Micromax wanted to become “Maruti” of the Electronic sector. Some analysts feel that this expansion move from Micromax can cost them dearly in case they fail to deliver quality. Quality is one important factor in the success of an electronic gadget and previous reports indicate that the quality of Micromax products is not up to the mark and more prone to technical damage as compared to the products from electronic giants like Samsung and LG. Also the customer care network of Micromax is extremely poor as compared to Samsung. Usually they have just one customer service center in most of the cities and that too at an absurd location.

    Pricing will be an improtant factor too which will decide the success of these new products. Some users will buy their products out of the “Swadeshi” spirit. Bit they also need to know that most of the smartphones form Micromax are just assembled in India. They are not manufactured here. I think same will be the case with their new LED TVs also. OEM is some other company.

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