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    Reliance is definitely one of the major ISP in India but their quality of broadband service is definitely not up to the mark. I had heard that they own one of the world’s largest optical fiber and submarine cable network. I had also heard that they are among the few ISPs which actually provide bandwidth to public companies like BSNL and MTNL.

    If that is true than i am really shocked at the quality of service they provide to end users or residential customers. I hate Reliance for the following points:

    + Highly unstable connection which can break up even for days without any prior notice.
    + Wiring is done over the poles and hence more susceptible to breaks by animals like squirrels. This is one of the main reason for downtime in our area.
    + They are openly shaping the torrent traffic which means that in spite of having 12 Mbps plan with RCOM, your download speed will be capped at around 128 Kbps. This practice from Reliance is now proved by different users on various broadband forums.
    + Reliance is charging massive Rs. 100 fine for late payments. This is Rs. 90 higher than BSNL.
    +Advance payment system at RCOM is very user unfriendly. They will charge you with the advance monthly rent of your broadband plan irrespective of the fact that there can occur some problem during the whole month. So for refund for the downtime, you have to apply for refund complaint at their CC and that refund will not be in the form of cash instead it will be in the form deduction in your next bill.
    + High ping is also one of the major problem with Reliance. Due to over congested network they are unable to provide you with clean and quality line.
    + Wrong bill is another major problem faced by various Reliance users.
    + In my area they usually install weak equipments which are unable to carry load. This thing is told to me by a Reliance employee only that they use cheap equipment for providing connection to various users and hence they usually have downtime and high ping time.

    If you have other negative points about Reliance than share in this thread.

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