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    Rajiv Gupta

    Digg is one of the best social bookmarking site out there but after the advent of Facebook and Twitter, the number of unique visitors to Digg is on a continue fall. Digg is a site where people share articles or links with other people. The links can be voted up or down by the community and correspondingly the articles or links with most positive votes is featured on the front page of their category. This type of concept is also used by other sites like Reddit. Now there are open source scripts available in the market with the help which one can open their own social bookmarking website. But believe me hardly anyone use these service no a days. Except Reddit all are on the flop list.

    Now as per the latest reports Digg has been sold to a company named Betaworks for 5,00,000 $. There was a time when Digg was evaluated at 175 million $ but the site is on continue decline from past few years. Betaworks also own other social bookmarking sites like and they also claims that they will bring Digg to the same level of popularity as it enjoys once.

    The website Webmagazine said that Digg will ultimately fall irrespective of the fact that it is now sold to a bigger company. This magazine also said that Digg will be the first site to die of Social Fatigue.

    Description: Digg sold to Betaworks for 5,00,000 $
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