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    Journalism is definitely on the most powerful tool for humans but it can prove dangerous also if overused. Similar thing is happening with the information on DNS changer virus which is effecting approximately 2.5 lakh computers worldwide.

    Journalists with little to no knowledge about this virus are terming it as doomsday virus. Some are saying it as the end of the Internet and other are terming it as end of speech. Well, believe me i really laugh hard when i watch these type of headings on web blogs or news websites. Now let us come to the point.

    1. So what is DNS Changer Virus?
    It is a virus which will change the DNS information of the infected computer with a malicious one. After changing normal DNS to Malicious DNS, you will not be able to visit the websites of your choice. For if you type google.com than you will be directed to some other malicious website.

    2. What is DNS?
    DNS stands for Domain Name System. In simple language you will need DNS so that you can view different websites. DNS servers basically resolves the web address into an ip address where the actual information is stores. Normally your default DNS will be provided to you by your ISP. But you can also use Google or Public DNS.

    3. Is my computer infected with DNS changer Virus?
    You can check this by simply visiting either of the following websites. There is no need to download any software or anything to perform these tests.
    http://www.mcafee.com/dnscheck or http://dns-ok.us/

    4. You computer is infected!! What to do now?
    There is no need to worry. This can easily be fixed. Just follow step by step instruction on this website.

    5. Why this virus is known as Doomsday Virus?
    This is because even after repeated warnings by ISPs, FBI and other social networks, there are still 2.5 lakh computer infected with this virus. FBI now has the control of the server which is used for malicious DNS operation. FBI will shutdown these servers on July 9 and those computer which are using this as their DNS will lose access to the internet. The only solution to this is to remove the virus and revert back to your OLD working DNS or revert back to some public DNS such as Google.


    nice post abot and thanks for informing us with this information.
    Journalists sometimes cross all limits

    Jimmy Wolfee

    Nice post abot


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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