How to prevent spam comments on wordpress?

WordPress is really one of the best blog CMS out there but it’s success is often over shadowed by the amount of comment spam it attracts. Over the past few days our site is also receiving huge amount of spam comments irrespective of the fact that we are using reCaptcha service from Google. reCaptcha service from is effective in the early days of it’s discovery but is seems that spammers have now successfully created the bot that can easily crack this Captcha service.

After searching for hours on internet i had decided to go to a old school solution of preventing spam i.e. ‘MATHS’. Spammers are unable to create a bot that can crack maths question. Hence it is one of the best anti spam solution out there. It’s effectiveness can be proved in this way that in oneĀ  of our other site(FORUM) we are continuously receiving spam registration but after activating MATHS Q&A plugin it was completely stopped.

In wordpress there is a very nice plugin called ‘Block Spam By Maths’. I can assure you that you don’t need Akismet after installing this plugin.

Good Luck