What precautions are to be taken while purchasing domain from a seller?

Domain selling and buying is a very common business now a days on internet. Though common but only a handful of user know the exact intricacies and complexities of domain purchasing and selling. Here i am going to present a guide for a buyer, which he/she can follow while purchasing a domain from some seller on public forums.

Steps are:

  1. First of you should purchase domains on a trusted platform only. By platform i mean the place which you are using for purchasing a particular. Most popular and trusted places include forums like digitalpoint.com , namepros.com etc or after market domain marketplace like SEDO , Godaddy Auctions , Namejet , Snapnames and Pool.com
  2. You should always purchase domain from a verified reseller. Always ask the seller to verify the ownership of the domain by adding some sort of DNS record or by uploading a particular file. Never ever purchase domain from unverified seller otherwise something serious can happen.
  3. Now after going through above two steps, next step is to make sure the behaviour of the seller. This is possible only on forum based marketplaces like digitalpoint.com or namepros.com. In these there is a parameter known as iTrader. A positive iTraderĀ  means that this person is safe to do business with. A negative iTrader directly indicates a FRAUD person. So definitely have a look at iTrader of the seller before purchasing any domain form him/her.
  4. Also before purchasing, please make sure that it is not banned from Google or any other search engine for phishing activities. If it is than purchase it only at your own risk because it can result i some major SEO problems.

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About Rajiv:

Rajiv Gupta is a known SEO expert from Delhi, India and is in the business of selling and purchasing Domains for more than a decade with a lot experience in end users sales.You can ask him through the comment system below.