Realme 3 to be revealed on Flipkart today. Is it worth the hype?

Smartphone is one such category where we have tons of options available in nearly every price range. This is definitely good for end user consumers but at the same time excess of everything or anything is bad. Same is the case in the smartphone category also. Pouring more fuel into this burning problem, today Realme is launching another smartphone named Realme 3 in India. It is being launched on Flipkart platform.

So what are specialities of Realme 3?

Well there are none. The most off putting thing about this smartphone is the SOC which they are using. SOC is the main chip board of your smartphone and is normally supplied by reputed chip manufacturers Qualcomm/Apple/Intel/Samsung. But here in this case Realme 3 comes with a MediaTek SOC. MediaTek SOC’s are generally inferior to other chip makers and hence they are cheap also.


Realme 3 is powered by a 12nm fabricated MediaTek Helio P70 chipset. Helio P70 will feature a 64 bit OctaCore CPU. It comes with the bigLittle architecture from ARM which features 4 cores that will be low powered and other 4 will be high frequency cores for complex tasks. Maximum frequency will be 2.1 Ghz. 12 nm fabrication technology will help in reducing the power consumption and improving battery life.


Realme 3 will feature a water drop notch and comes with a 4230 mAh battery. It will also come with 2 rear cameras which is sort of common now a days in mid range smartphones.