Apple launches iCloud service

Apple on 6th June, 2011 at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference launched the much awaited cloud based service called iCloud, which will let you to store and stream different media across compatible Apple devices. Apple had also purchased the domain for 4.5 million dollar specifically  for this service.

iCloud will basically let you to store up to 5 GB of media files on the Apple server’s but there is limitation also. The limitation is this that you will not be able to stream the media files on the internet. This fact will disappoint many users as they were expecting this feature to be present in the iCloud service. Exact reason for the absence of streaming service is not given by the officials yet.

Though you can’t stream but you would be able to sync your files to any apple device that you have provided that the devices using the same account.

Apple iCloud will help people in understanding the Cloud storage and Software As A Service commonly abbreviated as SAAS. Sooner or later Google will also follow this cloud race  but till than enjoy iCloud!

At last Nokia decided to go with Microsoft

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile manufacturer at last decided to go with Microsoft in order to to compete with Apple iPhone  and Google’s Android platforms.

Stephen Elop,the new Chief Executive at Nokia may consider this step as a strategical u-turn but investors didn’t take it positively at all. A fall of about 14% was observed in the shares of Nokia after this announcement.

Should i buy Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab in India?

You must have seen that i haven’t included the option for Dell tablet steak which is just released in Indian market. It is a new device and it still need sometime to become completely stable.

As far as India is concerned these tablets till now is a big failure and main reason behind this is their price and the attitude of Indians towards Windows enabled gadgets! Yes you are thinking right i am referring to all those feature rich net books available today at much lower prices than these tablets.

As far as India is concerned Apple MAC operating system haven’t get good response. Main reason is  price and non availability of cool software’s.I also want to share one more point that you must have seen many celebrities taking side of Apple ant their favorite gadget being Apple MAC.The main reason behind this is that all these celebrities are too dumb to use Windows enabled devices.

Now to the point that in case i have to buy a tablet than which should i prefer?

  1. Screen Size:- Apple iPad comes with a screen size of 9.7 inch and Samsung Galaxy tab comes with 7 inch. Yes there is a bit of disappointment from Samsung in this field.
  2. Panel Technology:- So Apple iPad comes with a IPS LED panel and Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a TFT LCD.Again Apple wins here with better screen quality and in today’s world LED is the boss according to a common men.
  3. Operating System:- Apple runs on IOS 4.1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on Android 2.2 Froyo (Upgradble to 3.0 but date is not mentioned) and here only time will tell who is the actual winner. Both these operating systems are fast and responsive and have large number of applications on their respective stores.
  4. Internal Storage:- Apple iPad comes with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB memory options and Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with 16 GB and 32 GB memory options.OK no winner here but yea more memory options from Apple iPad.
  5. Expandable Storage:- Apple comes with no expandable option as usual but Galaxy comes with expandable memory option up to 32 GB.
  6. RAM:- Apple iPad comes with 256 MB memory options but Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with 512 MB.So Galaxy wins here.
  7. Multi Tasking:-This feature is not available with Apple iPad initially but in IOS 4 style background processing  is available and in Samsung Galaxy Tab it is available. So Galaxy wins here as they provide Galaxy with complete Multitasking options but on the other hand Apple iPad comes with so called IOS 4 style background processing.
  8. Multitouch:- This feature is available in both devices.
  9. Camera:- Apple hates camera so no camera options for iPad but Galaxy comes with a 3.1 megapixel camera on the rear side and 1.3 megapixel camera on the front side. You might be thinking that what’s the use of camera in a tablet.The answer to this entirely depends on individuals opinion.Some may find it useless and power wasting feature but some of you may find it useful as you can see the picture on a bigger screen at the spot without going and connecting your device to a computer or something like that.
  10. Phone:- Calling features are not available in Apple iPad but they are available in Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
  11. Bluetooth:- This is available in Apple iPad but the version is 2.1 + EDR and in Samsung Galaxy Tab the version is 3.
  12. GPS:- This is most useful feature of any tablet.This is available in Apple iPad’s 3G model only. GPS is also available in Galaxy without any restrictions.
  13. Battery Life:- Apple can play videos for 10 hours continuously but Galaxy can play it only for 7 hours approximately.
  14. Adobe Flash Support:- Apple hates flash because it consumes lot of battery power so iPad didn’t support Flash Content Flash is available in Samsung Galaxy Tab

New Microsoft Office 2011 announced for Apple MAC

At a product launch event in New York Monday, Microsoft gave the media a day-early peek at Mac Office 2011, which went on sale at retail outlets and via Microsoft this morning. Eric Wilfrid, general manager of Microsoft’s Mac business unit, explains how Mac Office 2011 is faster than previous versions, not only in startup, but in the execution of key tasks.

Among the key differences in the new Mac Office over old versions is the appearance for the first time of a Mac version of Outlook, which takes the place of Entourage, which a Microsoft representative said was simply not meeting the needs of users. Also included in Mac Office 2011 are new versions of Word, Excel and Power Point and a new user interface based on the ribbon menu interface first featured in the 2007 edition of Office for Windows.

While the new suite does offer a raft of new Web-enabled features like Office 2010 for Windows, it’s not a clone of its Windows sibling and offers some features that have yet to turn up on the Windows side. For example, in the new Mac Outlook, you can clean up the view of your calendar by assigning categories to appointments and then filtering the view of the calendar by category. For example, by un checking the box for the “Personal” category, all such appointments will temporarily disappear from your calendar.

Office 2011 comes in three different versions: Home and Student and costs $120 (or $150 for a family pack with three licenses). The base package doesn’t include Outlook, which is only available with the Home and Business edition, which retails for $200 (with a “multi-pack” of two licenses available for $280), or with the Academic edition, which costs $100.

Apple and Cisco, Brothers in Arms

Apple gets OK from Cisco on ‘iOS’  This time, Apple didn’t take any chances with its claim to the “iBrand.”

Three years ago, Apple unveiled its revolutionary iPhone and was promptly sued by networking giant Cisco Systems, which was already using the iPhone trademark for a line of voice-over-Internet telephones. Cisco said Apple had asked about using the name, but allegedly began marketing its new gadget before any agreement was reached.

It took weeks of negotiation before the two settled out of court. But there was no complaint from Cisco on Monday, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs said his company has decided to market the iPhone operating system under the name “iOS” — even though Cisco has been using iOS for nearly two decades as the name of its own software, also known as the Internetwork Operating System, which runs on a variety of Cisco’s networking gear.Cisco said Monday that it had already agreed to let Apple use the iOS name.

The companies did not disclose terms of the deal.