Recently i had noticed a very weird thing about pending delete domain

Recently i want to acquire a LNL.COM which is in pending delete mode and it’s last date for deletion was yesterday but suddenly that domain gets renewed by one year. As per my knowledge a domain in pending delete cannot be renewed at any cost but still it happens. After expiry date a gTLD domain have three cycles.

  1. Grace Period  ranging from 0-45 days depends upon registrar. Original owner can renew in this period at noextra cost.
  2. Redemption Period of 30 days. Original owner can only renew in this period if he pay greater fees to registrar.
  3. Pending delete 5 days period in which no renewal can take place

Comparing some of the most popular domain registrars

In this short and simple review i am going to compare some of the most popular domain registrars among masses. Here in this review we are taking the domain extension as .COM. These are as follows:



First of all i am starting with Godaddy, the most popular domain registrar. The main reason for this popularity of Godaddy is the coupon system which actually provides discount to the customer during the process of the purchasing the domain. But customers never keep this thing in mind that those coupons can be used only for first purchase, not for renewals. People think that they can also renew the domain at same price but that’s wrong. It’s just a very clever trick  played by Godaddy to cheat customers. Now one question must be coming in all of your minds is that if they are cheating thier customers openly than why still Godaddy is one of the largest registrars. I will answer this question in this way that at the end of term of the domain suppose  a customer becomes aware of the fact they are being cheated by Godaddy  than also they will find transfering a domain from one registrar to other a headache and forcefully decided to shed some extra cents at  Godaddy.

Now the main question is what about the real pricing of a domain purchased from

A .COM from Godaddy costs 11.99$+18 cents which is costing about 12.17$ without coupons. If you are lucky than you may get a discount coupon available to be used at Godaddy. Most of the users these days also want private registration (means to hide the information present in the whois) and Godaddy charges a premium amount for this service also i.e. around 2$ making the effective cost of 14.17$for a single .COM.

I will not write essay like i did for Godaddy.

A .COM from costs around 9.99$ + 2$for private registrations making a total of 11.99$

At last .co now available to register by anyone

As the title of the article explain itself that now  the much hyped cctld is available for registration by anyone.

There are more chances that you will be able to find the suitable domain for yourself in this particular extension. This extension is the most hyped one around because it is nearly similar to the major extension or TLD that is .COM

.CO is the CCTLD of Columbia which is now made available to the entire world that is they remove all the restrictions from this one. Recently held auction for domain goes for 81,000$.

Present cost of .CO is quite high but still if you have desire to invest or if you are able to find a good name than you should grab it as soon as you can.

Google banned me-What to do now?

I am banned from Google…Help! What did you do to get un-banned? Can you get un-banned? Yes! But first you need to know what you did to get banned. Google will not tell you.

A sure sign you have been banned is that your web site is missing a page rank. By, that I mean the PR bar is Gray. That is usually the first indication. To double check that, enter into Google. Replace “” with your URL. If it there are no pages indexed, that is a good sign your site has been removed from Google (if your pages were indexed beforehand). Also try to see if your back links are still listed on Google. If your site is banned they will be removed as well.

Read through the following list. If any of these ring a bell, you should change them ASAP.

Spam: Yes, people still do it whether it was intentional or not. Some newcomers get confused in regard to legal, productive ways to help boost their keyword percentage and spam. The keyword tag with too many keywords or keywords repeated too many times is spam. Comment tags are for comments, not for keywords.

Description Tag: Your description tag is for a description. Yes, keywords should be in it. However, it should not be blatantly “chocked full” of keywords. Insistently, the keywords in your description should reflect that particular page, not your entire site. Each page has its own keywords.

Another way to spam is to hide text. Creating text and making it the same color as the background is spam. Spam can sometimes be unintentional. If your site repeats the same words over and over it can be seen as spam. For example let’s say your site sells airline tickets. Your site may state that you sell “tickets to New York”, “tickets to San Francisco”, “tickets to Indiana”, etc. If you list all 50 states with the word “tickets” attached — that’s spam!

Redirect: If you own several domain names and have them redirect to one, that is bad SEO. The only redirect allowed is a 301 redirect. It should only be used to redirect an old site to a newer site (old domain to a new domain). This tells Google that it is a “permanent” re-direct.

Linking to bad neighbors: A bad neighbor is a site that is considered to use Black Hat SEO methods. These can hurt you big time. Some examples of bad neighbors are * Free-for-all link farms * Adult web sites * Gambling web sites * Sites that have multiple categories to link to.

It is hard to undo links to bad neighbors. You can try to check your back links and try to find the bad neighbors. Then, try to see if they will remove your link. It usually takes a large amount of bad links to hurt you. If you stick to sites that are related to you and your industry, you will likely be ok. Sometimes people search for an easy way to generate one way links by turning to directories.

These can do a lot more bad than good. Plus, many are automated, making removal next to impossible

Duplicated Content: This falls under the spam rule listed above. Basically, if you create a page and then duplicate it throughout your own site, it will hurt you. If your site is large, you can use this free tool ( to locate duplicated content on the web. You won’t be penalized if your content (i.e. articles) is syndicated to other sites, only if it is repeated on the same domain. You can use similar content on pages. Google does not tell us the percentage of content that is considered to be spam so I would suggest you keep it below 15%.

Robot,txt: Sometimes this is inserted improperly. The robot.txt file is a set of instructions for search engine spiders. It tells them what to index or not to index. This file resides in your root directory. If the tag is incorrect it could prevent all search engines, not just Google, from indexing your site. Or, in some cases, removing it from the search engine index altogether. If inserted properly you should be able to locate it by to validate that your robot file is in proper order. Visit this site: for more utility options. For more info on how to properly format your robot tag, visit

These are some of the major things to look out for. If you have been banned from Google, go through this list one problem at a time. After you have made the corrections, contact Google. If you still have problems you may need to start all over with a new domain.

The main thing you need to take care while purchasing a domain

Hello Guys,

In this article i want to share my experience of getting this domain name for my website that is

This is a 3 letter premium domain which i had purchased for few bucks through SEDO escrow service.

But we feel quite disappointed after we came to know this domain is banned from Google for phishing activities in the past by the original owner.Banned from Google means that you will lost much of your traffic from Google search engine and they will not re-index your site. As you know there is lot of sale and purchase of domains going at SEDO but very few people especially that end-user gets affected by this problem.

We had already submitted the petition to so that they can unban our website.

So all those who are end user of a particular domain name they want to buy, please make sure that it is not involved in any phishing activities.