The most expensive smartphone in the world iPhone X is also the world’s best selling

Apple iPhone X is popularly know as the worlds most expensive smartphone. But this fact didn’t stopped people from buying it the most in the Quarter 1 of 2018. As per the analytical analysis from Strategy Analytics Apple shipped 16 million units of iPhone X. But this is not the most interesting fact of this analysis. Interesting fact is that Apple smartphones capture top 4 slots as far as number of shipments are concerned in the Quarter 1 of 2018.

Android based flagships from Samsung, LG, Google are no where to be seen in this new list. The list contains only one Android based smartphone in top 5 that is from Xiaomi Redmi 5A. Xiaomi is a Chinese company which is popular for giving high end features like Qualcomm SOC and dual cameras at half the price of their competitors. So there is no doubt that it beats all other flagships by serious margin.