Take care of these points before generating your HDFC netsafe card

I am writing this guide because i think there are still many people out there who are unable to use this facility to the fullest. I have seen many people complaining on different forums that there VCC is rejected during payment or checkout for this and that reason. But i haven’t faced any problem with netsafe till now.

Most common reasons why your card is rejected are listed below:

  1. Cards with insufficient balance: To explain this let us take a example that you have to purchase something lets say hosting for 100$ from a merchant based in US, who is only accepting payments in Dollar currency (I am here taking the most common scenario). Most of the users who are facing problems are doing something wrong in this step, they tend to generate the Netsafe card of just 100$ and when they use the same card at the merchant’s site, they get the error that you don’t have sufficient balance in your account to pay for their services. So the solution to this problem is that whenever you are paying a foreign based merchant in their own currency than you have to add 3% currency exchange rate for cards generated through Debit Cards and 3.5% currency exchange for cards generated through Credit Cards. So let us take you have generated your netsafe card from Debit Card than in that case you have to generate the card with the following amount that is 100$ +3% of 100$= 103$. Now your payment will be accepted for sure. But in case a foreign merchant is accepting payments¬† in Indian Rupees than there is no need to add currency exchange rate.