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    Apple products are one of the most costly gadgets available in the market today. And because of this Apple became one of the most desired brand among the youth of our country. All of tech geeks out there want an Apple branded product instead of the products from other market leaders like Samsung.

    Most people says Apple innovates and other copies but according Apple hasn’t innovated anything special till date. You want proof? There are already tons of proof available online that can prove the fact that Apple know how to market but don’t know how to innovate.

    Apple gadgets available in market today are listed below:
    + Apple iPhone
    + Apple iPad
    + Apple iPod
    + Apple Mac book

    If you have suggestions for the better alternatives to this over priced crap from Apple than please list it below

    Jimmy Wolfee

    interesting thread

    Lets see others opinions to alternatives to apple’s products


    Let me start with alternatives to Apple iPhone. There are many good and cheaper alternatives to iPhone. The latest model of iPhone which is presently available in India is iPhone 4s. It is presently retailing at around Rs. 42,000.

    First and best alternative to iPhone 4s is Samsung Galaxy S3 which is available at Rs. 37,200. It is a quad core phone which beats the he’ll out of Apple’s iPhone 4s.


    Apple iPhone with quad core is coming.

    What are you views on it.

    Rajiv Gupta

    @ neogrin

    Apple has now released the all new iPhone 5. Initial spec report be various websites indicate at a dual core chip not a quad core.


    Now a days there are ton of cheap chines alternatives available in India and not only that they are using high end Qualcomm SOC’s to lure cheap loving Indians

    Jimmy Wolfee

    Its been quite a bit of time that asscrack was here.
    But today we have tons of Apple alternatives in the form of cheap Chinese smartphones.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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