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    First of all i want to say that i am very new to this domain world but after looking the 4 to 6 figure sales of the domain names, i am tempted to enter into this lucrative business. As i am a new domainer, i don’t own a ready made portfolio for premium domains.

    So i want to ask you all that can i earn my livelihood through domaining. Can it replace my daily job



    Domaining is definitely not a proper alternative to your regular job. Domain will sell only if you have end users for that particular domain. 99% of presently hand registered domains are nothing more than registration fees. SO be careful while registering domains. Don’t register crap names after hearing about the popularity of a particular technology. yes i am referring here to cloud and 3D domains.

    Good Luck



    I have many friends who earn huge amount of money from domaining. I also found their claims suspiciously mainly because i am not able to sell even my premium domains at a decent price. So this domaining thing completely depends on your luck and nothing else.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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