UB7.NET had recently completed it’s one year online

It was really a great year at ub7.net. In the entire year we hadn’t made a single penny from our site but we do made some good friends through it.

UB7 is one of the several projects started by us in at the end of 2009. Most of the projects started along UB7 flopped and hence closed but this is the only project which survived.

We had purchased this domain from SEDO for quite a high price thinking that that three characters .NETs are quite premium but we were miserably wrong because we were noobs at that time. We don’t know about the value of domains at that time and this thing had cost us dearly.

Now after a year we realize this and corrected our self accordingly.

Now you can reach UB7.NET from the following domains also:-

  • EternalQuestions.com : It is redirected towards our Special Pages category.
  • HindustanTimes.net     : It is redirected to the Home Page.