EA suddenly start giving 50% discount on its latest title Battlefield. Existing players feeling robbed.

Battlefield 5, a game which is filled with tons of controversies even before its beta is now applying usual tactics of giving massive discounts to attract players. I for one have no problems when a gaming studio starts giving massive discounts to attract new player base. But when it starts giving discounts within 1 month of its launch those set of loyal player who had paid the full amount felt cheated and robbed of their hard earned. This is the same thing which EA is doing right now.


I have pre ordered Battlefield 5 @ Rs. 4200 in Indian currency. Being a veteran battlefield player i have always supported the series and tried to give valuable feedback to devs through social media like twitter, facebook and BF forums. But in just 1 month they have the slashed the price of Battlefield 5 to just Rs. 1749. So i have paid Rs. 2451 more for nothing.


As a message to EA through this post I will never ever pre order any of your titles in the future.

Nvidia reveals the Indian pricing of the mighty Titan RTX nicknamed T.Rex

imageFrom past few months Nvidia had revealed 3 RTX series graphic cards namely RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 and RTX 2070. All of them featured brand new architecture with RT and Tensor cores on the die along with cuda cores. Most of the gaming community was disappointed  with the pricing of the new RTX cards. Priced at 1199$ + taxes RTX 2080 Ti is one of the costliest consumer GPU ever and matched the pricing of previous generation of Titan GPU’s.

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AMD Polaris refresh RX 590 now available for pre order in India

After the launch of RTX cards from Nvidia we here at UB7 were eagerly waiting for team RED’s response to this massive development. So here at last we have something from AMD in the GPU department which is meant for gamers. AMD had recently only launched 7nm based Enterprise Computing graphic card. But here in this article we are going to tell you about RX 590 which Polaris series refresh from AMD fabricated using 12 nm process for increased power efficiency and performance.


RX 590 is up for pre order at VedantComputers.com. The edition in stock is Sapphire Nitro+ Special Edition featuring dual fans and is priced at Rs. 28,000

Samsung to launch quad camera smartphone Galaxy A9 on October 11

Dual camera smartphones are quite common nowadays. You can get one easily in the range of 10,000+ category. Most of the Chinese brands which includes Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have some sort of offering in their portfolios for dual camera smartphones. Huawei with its P20 pro currently holds the title for the world’s best smartphone camera. It features world’s first triple camera setup. We have also recently published an article stating that Sony is working on world’s first Penta Camera smartphone. If it’s true then that thing would be a real beast in the photography category.

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Dual camera smartphones are now thing of the past, say hello to Penta Camera setup from Nokia

So are you still waiting for upgrading your smartphone from a single rear camera setup to now common dual camera setup. Well in that case just hold your desire for a bit longer as Nokia is going to launch Nokia 9 with a Penta (5) Camera setup. Though these are just rumors only and should not be taken seriously. The rumor originated from an alleged leak for the rear camera setup of Nokia 9. I am attaching the photo for reference here in this post.

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