OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro will come with latest and greatest Qualcomm SoC

The OnePlus series of smartphones from OPPO are always targeted towards the high end segment of Android based smartphones. Being a high end smartphone usually means that it will come with a high end SoC. SoC is like a motherboard of your smartphone and it normally contains the most important part called as CPU or in general terms a processor.

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Are you from United Kingdom and owns a .EU domain? Get ready to lose it

I usually visit my domain registrars website for the maintenance of my many domain names. As i visited the website today, a notification pops up on the top of indicating an announcement for those who are from United Kingdom and own a .EU domain name.

As you know that .EU domain can only be registered by those individuals or entities which have physical presence in European Union. Before BREXIT United Kingdom was the part of EU and thus it’s residents can legally register . EU domain name. But as you all know after BREXIT UK will cease to be the part of EU and hence it’s residents will not be eligible for owning a .EU domain name.

As per the announcement from the EU domain registry the current domain names owned by individual or entities from UK will continue to work and will remain registered till the next expiry date and will be deleted after the expiry date is crossed until and unless they update the address of domain registrant to the one which is the part of Europe.

It seems to be a very dangerous prospect for those who own some premium .EU domain names as investment and are individuals who can’t afford to establish an entity in EU region. Their only choice will be to see their domain getting lost unless they are able to find some loophole in the ruling.

Realme 3 to be revealed on Flipkart today. Is it worth the hype?

Smartphone is one such category where we have tons of options available in nearly every price range. This is definitely good for end user consumers but at the same time excess of everything or anything is bad. Same is the case in the smartphone category also. Pouring more fuel into this burning problem, today Realme is launching another smartphone named Realme 3 in India. It is being launched on Flipkart platform.

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