Samsung working closely with AMD for implementing new GPU tech in their Exynos chipsets

With the reveal of Exynos 2100 and its rumoured ground breaking improvements over the past generation is all well and good. Market is happy and consumers also. But there is one department where Qualcomm still holds the performance crown over Samsung’s Exynos and that is the Graphics department. Qualcomm’s Adreno series GPU always beat their ARM MALI counterparts. In simple worlds Qualcomm’s GPU’s are superior to Exynos one and hence offer more performance while running games.

Samsung knows about this weakness and is engaging with AMD to develop a custom GPU for their Exynos SOC which will be based on the AMD Radeon rDNA architecture. rDNA is  a gaming first architecture from AMD. They have recently revealed new line of GPU based on this architecture. Samsung is also looking to implement the same architecture for GPU in their Exynos chipsets so as to challenge the Qualcomm’s Adreno series.

Just after the reveal of Exynos 2100, Samsung released this information to the press that they are working closely with AMD for implementing rDNA feature set in their Exynos series chipsets. We can deduce one thing from this info that we might be able to see this new GPU in their next Exynos chipset that is the successor to Exynos 2100 which will feature in their next flagship series that is S22. As per the press release Samsung and AMD both will launch complimentary products so as to enhance the GPU capabilities of Exynos chipsets and also limiting Samsung not to release a rival product against AMD down the line.

So what are your thoughts on it? Will the next Exynos change the gaming landscape of the smartphone industry? Will it be able to challenge the supremacy of Apple’s A series chipsets? We all are waiting for these questions to get answered.