Sony PS5 is up for pre order in India

Next generation consoles from Sony that is PlayStation 5 is finally up for pre order in India after a long period of wait due to various circumstances such as the trademark of PS5 done by some random firm which was challenged by Sony few months back. But now it seems most these hurdles are clear and PS5 is finally launching in India. Various ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart are accepting the pre orders for PS5 at a price tag of Rs. 49,990.

So the main question here is ‘Should you buy the all new PS5 or not?’


Well the answer is not that simple as there are many variables involved. So let me point out those variables now:

1. First one is that in case if you are interested in the Sony PlayStation Exclusive titles such as God Of War, Gran Turismo etc. then in order to play their latest version you have to go for PS5 as there are no plans to port them out to other platforms like PC or XBOX.

2. Secondly Sony’s PlayStation ecosystem is less complicated as compared to Microsoft’s where they have Series S and Series X latest genration consoles. Sony is coming up with only one PS5 console right now and it is available for Rs. 49,900. Sony might launch some sort of SSD less version in the future (Digital Version) but currently only available version comes with 825 Gigabyte of SSD Space which is think is quite generous for games only!

3. This time around both Sony and Microsoft is using AMD’s hardware under the hood in their latest generation console. So the performance difference between their elite models that is Series X and PS5 is not that much. So everything boils down to software optimization and technology stack for both these platforms.

4. Modern generation consoles are backwards compatible with their previous generations. So this means you will be able to enjoy your PS4 titles on your new PS5.

5. Sony PS5 hardware is powerful enough to deliver up to 4K/120 Hz specifications depending upon title of course. This might makes the 4K gaming the new normal down the line.


PS5 specifications:


Sony PS5 like XBOX Series X is a powerful latest generation console featuring hardware that can support 4K gaming at 120 Hz refresh rate. Though we know that the games which are being developed for consoles are heavily optimized as compared to the ones developed for PC’s. But at the same time assembling a PC capable of 4K gaming under 50,000 INR is next to impossible as the GPU alone will cost 50,000 INR. So for those people whose prime objective is to play video games then i would suggest latest generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Series X as they provide you with best bang for your buck. Detailed specs are listed below for the PS5 model:


Processor – Latest generation ZEN architecture based AMD Ryzen 2 (8 Core) processor with boosted frequency up to 3.5 GHz (This is a custom built CPU for Sony PS5 by AMD)

Graphic Card – AMD Gaming Architecture  rDNA 2 based graphic card with max frequency up to 2.23 GHz

RAM – 16 GB

RAM Type – GDDR6

SSD – 825 Gigabyte

100 GB Blu-ray Disc Support