How to get indexed in Google quickly?

How to get indexed in Google quickly?

I’mĀ  pretty sure that most of the webmasters out there are facing this problem of not getting indexed by Google. Most probable reason for this problem is that your site is either too new or do not have sufficient back links to support quick indexing and the most probable solution that you will get on the web is to build more back links etc.

But here i am going to discuss the way by which i had got my brand new blog indexed in Google in just one hour but before that i am here giving you a list which you can do get your blog indexed in Google on time.

  • Build more and more back links
  • Ping your blog with various pinging tools available on web
  • Write articles for popular article directories like Ezine etc.
  • Participate in forums like Digital Point or Namepros

The above methods are generic which every web master should follow in order to build a authority website but for quick results here is my method.

You must be aware of a tip that most of the pro out there give to newbie that you should tweet your posts to your twitter account. Tweeting your post might help your website in getting traffic but it will not at all help you in getting your blog posts indexed quickly in the search engines. I have just found a site called which is exactly same to twitter. This site will basically aggregates your XML or RSS feeds from various websites including Twitter. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. First create account at twitter and start tweeting your posts to it.
  2. Than create account at FriendFeed.Com and attach your Twitter account with it.
  3. Now what ever you tweet in twitter will appear in the feed of FriendFeed.Com.

Now Google Bot love this FriendFeed.Com very much. As soon as you tweet your blog post to your twitter account with a link to that particular post, your post will get indexed in Google with in few minutes.

About FriendFeed.Com

FriendFeed.Com is basically a project created by four engineers and than acquired by Facebook.

GOOGLEPLUSONE.COM, a trademark infringed domain now with Google

Google had recently won the dispute of the domain GOOGLEPLUSONE.COM. The originalĀ  registrant had registered this domain in 2008. The domain in question is very much similar to the social product recently launched by Google named Google +1 Button. The dispute was filed on 2nd may, 2011 by Google Inc. against the original registrant Seshchand Alturi.

Google sued by PayPal over stealing

Former PayPal employees Stephanie Tilenius and Osama Bedier announce the launch of Google Wallet in New York, Thursday. PayPal is suing them, and Google, for stealing its trade secrets.
Former PayPal employees Stephanie Tilenius and Osama Bedier announce the launch of Google Wallet in New York, Thursday. PayPal is suing them, and Google, for stealing its trade secrets.

Recently you must have witnessed the launch of all new mobile payment service “Google Wallet” by Google Inc. Now PayPal is suing Google over bad practice. According to PayPal, Google steals their employees and secret trade practices which may have led to the development of Google Wallet. Well nobody can confirm it right now but PayPal had filled a lawsuit in San Jose, California.

The employees namely Stephanie Tilenius and Osama Bedier launched the Google Wallet. Previously both of them are employees of PayPal. The lawsuit is filed on the same day of the launch of the Google Wallet.

Google in it’s statement said that they will fight the lawsuit. The main person under scanner is Osama Bedier who until now was working at PayPal and also was a key person in the deal between Google and PayPal to use PayPal as one of the payment processor on Android Market. According to PayPal Bedier as an executive was not eligible for interviewing at other companies but he was giving interview for a new job at Google and then resigned from PayPal.

How to get rid of the problem of the non-useful pages getting indexed in Google?

Hi all of you

Many a times you must have face this problem that your non-useful or system pages getting index in Google or other search engines. Getting rid from them is quite easy.

We can make use of a file known as robots.txt file. In this file you actually mention the name of the folders which you want to prevent from being getting indexed.

This problem is not so common in the static website. There are more chances that you get this problem while using CMS or Content Management System like Joomla, WordPress etc. that too when you are using quite lot of components. My suggestion would be to remove these components otherwise there is a possibility that you will get penalized by the search engines for waste content.

Also one more suggestion that in case if you are using Rok Box plugin from Rocket Theme than i would suggest to un install it immediately because its folder cannot be exempted even by robots.txt.