How to get rid of the problem of the non-useful pages getting indexed in Google?

Hi all of you

Many a times you must have face this problem that your non-useful or system pages getting index in Google or other search engines. Getting rid from them is quite easy.

We can make use of a file known as robots.txt file. In this file you actually mention the name of the folders which you want to prevent from being getting indexed.

This problem is not so common in the static website. There are more chances that you get this problem while using CMS or Content Management System like Joomla, WordPress etc. that too when you are using quite lot of components. My suggestion would be to remove these components otherwise there is a possibility that you will get penalized by the search engines for waste content.

Also one more suggestion that in case if you are using Rok Box plugin from Rocket Theme than i would suggest to un install it immediately because its folder cannot be exempted even by robots.txt.