Who is the actual king of SEO?

In this article basically i want to draw your attention towards the most important thing of the SEO that is CONTENT. Yes its true content is the main king of SEO because everything starts from content. Other techniques will be a failure if you don’t have appropriate content. Even my aim of writing this article is to have some content on my blank website.

Writing content require a quite high amount of concentration and dedication. Even if you don’t have both you can succeed by using some of the rss feed aggregator scripts. Although they catch every type which will make your task difficult to choose from such large quantity of articles. But still my suggestion would be write¬† article yourself.

Quantity never matters in building a website. Even when i get my hands dirty in this business, i also think that more is the number of articles more will be your revenue but that’s not true at all. Even if you write two articles a week than also it is better than 10 non-genuine articles a day.